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 Richard Feher Physiotherapy

Randburg Medicross, Olivedale Clinic,
Virgin Active Randburg

We strive to ensure that all treatments comply
with the 
highest standards as prescribed by the 
Health Profession’s Council Of South Africa HPCSA.

Specialised Treatments

Pain, Sports, Orthopaedic, Neurosurgical, Neurological

  • Pain treatment and long term management (Specialists)
  • Sports physiotherapy, massage, and athletic conditioning (Specialists)
  • Orthopaedic treatment and post-injury/surgery rehabilitation
  • Neurosurgical pre and post-treatment for pain and lifestyle dysfunction
  • Neurological physiotherapy (Treating: Guillain-barré, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, peripheral neuropathy rehabilitation, Bell’s Palsy)
  • Chest physiotherapy for bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, COVID, etc. for babies, children, and adults
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling
  • Exercise classes
  • Meditation classes
  • Rehabilitation to return to activities of daily living (Specialists)
  • Pilates
  • Specialist spinal treatment (back and neck care) Sports injuries (Specialists) and return to sport (from social/school level to international level of competition)
  • Motivation within the biopsychosocial-spiritual paradigm.
  • Team physiotherapy (upon availability)
  • Home visit physiotherapy (upon availability)
  • Post-Covid rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapists

Referral Service a wealth of practical and academic experience

  • Referral of our patients after physiotherapy to your personal trainers and sport coaches

  • Referral of our patients after physiotherapy to your doctors and surgeons
  • Associated dieticians, podiatrists, psychologists, reflexologists
  • Referral of our patients to your in-house biokineticists
  • Referral to our fitness facilities in Randburg Virgin active for on-going health improvements. Offering boxing, Pilates, biokinetics, personal training, water-based therapy, cross-fit rehab, weightlifting rehab, Watt-biking, running, rowing, and cycling
    • Further referral from our network of orthopaedic, cardiac, and neurosurgeons in the Olivedale Clinic and beyond.
    • On-going rehabilitative relationship with your waterborne coaches and swimmers. Over two decades of professional relationship with Waterborne, Aqua Athlete, Knysna Aquatics.
    • Coaching referral available for iron man triathlon, running, cycling, martial arts, cross-fit, rugby, cricket, football, boxing, Pilates, and yoga.
    • Lectures and public talks regarding health and sport rehabilitation topics
We bring to the table a wealth of practical and academic experience.
Furthermore we have the energy to lead by positive example, and bring a team together.


Some of the common problems a physiotherapist
helps with are the treatments of:

  • Injuries anywhere in the body such as strains and sprains which require immediate care for pain, dysfunction, swelling, and tenderness.
  • Rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, or surgery
  • Neurological problems such as poor balance, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or head injuries.
  • Jaw problems.
  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Acute pain
  • Post motor vehicle injuries
  • Exercise problems
  • Post-Covid sequala