Community Service

We serve the community in which we live. Our fundamental position is that if we can provide a platform of health opportunities, our community will continue to support each other and we will mutually prosper.

Richard Feher has long been involved with specific charities. He started with running to Mount Everest in 2009 to raise funds and awareness for the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players Fund. Since then he has crossed Africa solo working in clinics and schools for the same plight. He started a charity within the fund travelling to individual player’s houses, and hospital; beds to assist in their biopsychosocial needs. Please support this cause.

We support patients and families affected by cancer. Richard teaches yearly at Hospice trying to improve the health and wellness of their wonderful nursing staff. He has also spoken at their congress on lower back pain. Please support this cause.

Anthony and Richard are long time friends from when Anthony suffered a spinal injury leaving him paralyzed. Richard has been Anthony’s physiotherapist and friend and continues to support Anthony and his foundation in searching for support and a solution to spinal cord injury. Please support this cause.

Sam Moore has defended the plight of young children in need of safe homes and a better life. We fully support Sam in what she has achieved with these impoverished but wonderful children. Following in the footsteps of her late great father, boxing legend Willie Toweel, she has taken care of her family and the community of people in need at great cost. Please support this cause.

Richard offers a public speaking service. He has spoken to wide audiences:

  • Lecturer for PainSA pain academy. Biopsychosocial-spiritual talks to audiences of Doctors, Therapists and allied medical services.
  • Adventure and motivation talks at the Exploration Society of Southern Africa. Talks were on crossing Africa solo on a motorbike, running the Himalayan 100 miler, Running the Fish River canyon 100 km, Lower Back Pain in Adventure Sports.
  • School talks to children and coaches on lower back pain, dehydration in sport, motivation. 
  • Hospital talks to nursing staff for lower back care and wellness.
  • Talks at Corporates for motivation (Barclays, Virgin)
  • Talks at Charity events
  • Richard has presented a Poster at the PainSA conference and won best poster.
  • In 2018 Richard received a grant from the IASP to present his Doctorate Poster in Boston at the IASP international conference.