Richard Feher Physiotherapy

Randburg Medicross, Olivedale Clinic,
Virgin Active Randburg

We strive to ensure that all treatments comply
with the 
highest standards as prescribed by the 
Health Profession’s Council Of South Africa HPCSA.

Specialised Treatments

Pain, Sports, Orthopaedic, Neurosurgical, Neurological

  • Pain treatment and long term management (Specialists)
  • Sports physiotherapy, massage, and athletic conditioning (Specialists)
  • Orthopaedic treatment and post-injury/surgery rehabilitation
  • Neurosurgical pre and post-treatment for pain and lifestyle dysfunction
  • Neurological physiotherapy (Treating: Guillain-barré, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, peripheral neuropathy rehabilitation, Bell’s Palsy)
  • Chest physiotherapy for bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, COVID, etc. for babies, children, and adults
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling
  • Exercise classes
  • Meditation classes
  • Rehabilitation to return to activities of daily living (Specialists)
  • Pilates
  • Specialist spinal treatment (back and neck care) Sports injuries (Specialists) and return to sport (from social/school level to international level of competition)
  • Motivation within the biopsychosocial-spiritual paradigm.
  • Team physiotherapy (upon availability)
  • Home visit physiotherapy (upon availability)
  • Post-Covid rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapists

  • Jessica Rabbitte

    Jessica Rabbitte

    Jessica is a dedicated, confident, and highly motivated individual who is deeply committed to providing quality care to deliver the best patient outcome. Her teamwork, communication skills and drive for excellence in everything she does has proved to be her greatest asset. She qualified as a BSc Honours Physiotherapist in 2012 at UCT. Currently, she is continuing her educational development by studying a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy through UCT. She has a keen interest in exercise and fitness with a special interest in Pilates. She is available for an appointment at Rosebank Virgin Active, Brightwater Commons Virgin active and Randburg Medicross. This wide range of facilities available enable her to deliver an extensive rehabilitation plan to all her patients. Areas of interest include: · Sports physiotherapy · Orthopaedic injuries · Neurological conditions · Chest physiotherapy
  • Ross Cartwright

    Ross Cartwright

    Educational QualificationsB.Sc Physiotherapy (Wits) B.A Hons Sport Science (Pukke) H.E.D (Pukke) Physiotherapy special Interests Back and neck pain Chronic pain Rehabilitation post-back surgery Rehabilitation post knee surgery Physical conditioning of rugby players Hobbies and Interests Rugby Exercising Cooking Having a good laugh with friends Treatment modalities mostly used by me. Massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling, pain relief therapy, and rehabilitative exercise. Referral when necessary to appropriate Doctors and other specialists.
  • Zoe Miller

    Zoe Miller

    In 2017, I studied BSc Physiotherapy at the University of the Witwatersrand. I am very active and love all forms of gym which comes from my passion for dance. I am thoroughly enjoying this new phase of my life. I am hard working and dedicated to my work. Areas of interest in Physiotherapy include: Sports, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Neurological conditions, and Neuromuscular injuries. I believe forming a sincere relationship with patients is essential to their biopsychosocial improvement.
  • Bronwyn Freeman

    Bronwyn Freeman

    I studied a Bachelors Degree of Physiotherapy at the University of Pretoria and was awarded the degree with distinction at completion. I am an active person and enjoy a variety of sports and hobbies including: squash, hockey, karate, scuba diving as well as reading and cooking. I qualified as a BASI Pilates Instructor. In addition to Physiotherapy and Pilates, I am a keen practitioner of JKA Shotokan Style Karate. As a youth, I completed both nationally and internationally and instructed both children and adults at Friendsan Karate Academy from 2012 to 2017. I was awarded my third degree (3rd Dan) in Shotokan Karate by the Japanese Karate Association in 2012 and fourth degree (4th Dan) by the College of the Open Hand in 2016. I have a wide variety of professional interests including sport injuries, neurology, spinal cord injury, group rehabilitation, orthopaedic trauma, and ICU. I am very passionate about my work and strive for the highest level of recovery and patient satisfaction. I believe a good therapeutic relationship is very important and thoroughly enjoy facilitating the rehabilitation of patients throughout all stages of recovery.”
  • Onika van Ryneveld

    Onika van Ryneveld

    Onika van Ryneveld completed her BSc Physiotherapy degree in 2019 at the University of the Free State. I decided on physiotherapy due to her love of sports but fell in love with all aspects of the job. I have embraced both the importance of psychology, social well-being and movement within any physical activity. Sports embody this at the pinnacle, however I see the building blocks of this in all aspects of people we see. My areas of interest include: Geriatrics, orthopaedics, sports injuries and back pain. I am a dedicated professional who strives to provide the best possible, holistic care to each of her patients. My home language is Afrikaans which helps us a great deal at the practice. Fisioterapie wat elke aspek van gesondheid aanspreek. Ons glo in ‘n holistiese, navorsings- georienteerde benadering vir rehabilitasie. I have a maxim at work: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Additional Services

Referral Service a wealth of practical and academic experience

  • Referral of our patients after physiotherapy to your personal trainers and sport coaches

  • Referral of our patients after physiotherapy to your doctors and surgeons
  • Associated dieticians, podiatrists, psychologists, reflexologists
  • Referral of our patients to your in-house biokineticists
  • Referral to our fitness facilities in Randburg Virgin active for on-going health improvements. Offering boxing, Pilates, biokinetics, personal training, water-based therapy, cross-fit rehab, weightlifting rehab, Watt-biking, running, rowing, and cycling
    • Further referral from our network of orthopaedic, cardiac, and neurosurgeons in the Olivedale Clinic and beyond.
    • On-going rehabilitative relationship with your waterborne coaches and swimmers. Over two decades of professional relationship with Waterborne, Aqua Athlete, Knysna Aquatics.
    • Coaching referral available for iron man triathlon, running, cycling, martial arts, cross-fit, rugby, cricket, football, boxing, Pilates, and yoga.
    • Lectures and public talks regarding health and sport rehabilitation topics
We bring to the table a wealth of practical and academic experience.
Furthermore we have the energy to lead by positive example, and bring a team together.


  • Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of physical injuries and movement problems. Education and prevention measures help patients gain the highest possible level of independent function.

    A physiotherapist is sometimes called a physical therapist. The terms mean the same thing.

  • Patients do not need a referral to be treated by a physiotherapist.  However some private insurance companies do require a doctor’s referral.  Please check with your private insurance company before making an appointment.

  • Dress comfortably. You are welcome to bring your own shorts. We offer shorts and gowns. We ask that you remove your shoes at the entrance so you may want to bring indoor shoes or slippers.

  • Some of the common problems a physiotherapist helps with are the treatments of:

    • Injuries such as strains and sprains which require immediate care for swelling, tenderness and pain.
    • Rehabilitation of muscles after injuries, fractures or surgery
    • Neurological problems such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or head injuries.
    • Jaw problems.
    • Headaches or any chronic pain symptoms
    • Post motor vehicle injuries
    • Post work (WCB) injuries
  • Your physiotherapist will take a history, perform a physical examination and develop a treatment plan with you. Your treatment plan may include customized exercises, manual therapy or any of the treatment prescribed.

  • On your first visit your physiotherapist reviews your injury or condition and plans a treatment program for you. This includes the following:

    • Questions about your present condition and health history.
    • Physiotherapy examination to assess your injury or condition. This can sometimes temporarily increase your pain.
    • Review of your assessment findings with a recommended treatment plan
    • Your consent to treatment
  • Various questions about your condition and how it occurred are asked. Your health history helps the physiotherapist understand your current condition. They may ask you for information about:

    • The nature of the pain, such as location and intensity you are currently experiencing or have had in the past.
    • Your personal and family history.
    • Medications you are taking.
    • Treatments you have had recently or in the past.
    • The physical requirements of your job, lifestyle or leisure activities that may affect your condition or treatment.
  • The physiotherapist does a physical evaluation. Changing or removing clothes may be required to see the problem area.

    The physiotherapist may touch the problem area to see if there is any tenderness, swelling, or heat. Using their hands, they may test the problem area to see if weakness exists, if movement is limited, and how much pain there is.

    • “If you are happy with our physiotherapy service, we encourage you to tell others. If you are not satisfied, please tell us.”
    • Successful physiotherapy is based on good communication between you and your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist may not be aware there is a problem unless you tell them.
  • We have adhered to all the WHO standards to keep our staff and patients healthy. We ensure that your safety during this difficult time is a priority by sterilizing, mask-wearing, and maintaining social distance. Our team has gone above and beyond to make sure you stay healthy.

Some of the common problems a physiotherapist
helps with are the treatments of:

  • Injuries anywhere in the body such as strains and sprains which require immediate care for pain, dysfunction, swelling, and tenderness.
  • Rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, or surgery
  • Neurological problems such as poor balance, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or head injuries.
  • Jaw problems.
  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Acute pain
  • Post motor vehicle injuries
  • Exercise problems
  • Post-Covid sequala